Creating Bird Brains

How many miles could you fly this year? How big is your wingspan? Would you rather live in a cave, a riverbank or a tree house? Why are you, if you’re a boy, so much more colorful? If you were a second grader fortunate enough to be in “Birds and Art,” an after school program at a Richmond elementary school, you’d know about flight paths, feathers, food and songs and how art can teach and enhance learning.

“It was so exciting to give these children the opportunity for fun, in-depth art and science activities,” said Riverine Janice Robertson. “From the first class, the kids were eager to discover, and they loved the hands-on projects that they could bring home and share with their families. I’m sure every one of them sees the natural world around them in an entirely different way than they did before and will grow up to appreciate and cherish it.”

This avian-oriented project was launched with the support of the Richmond Audubon Society, but there’s no end to the range of educational outreach Riverines can and do get involved in. Join us and find your passion.