Speakers’ Bureau

Our Virginia Master Naturalists are available to provide presentations on various topics. Email us and let us know the name of your group, your topic, and the date for the presentation. If you don’t see your topic listed, we still might be able to find a speaker for you.

Email outreach@riverinemn.org

Available topics:

Go Native: The “why” and “how” of using native plants in our gardens and landscapes.

Butterflies: How to identify, attract, and protect them during their entire life cycle: egg, caterpillar, pupa, adult.

Herpetology: Cool facts about Virginia amphibians and reptiles.

Invasive Plants: How and why to remove invasive plants from our yards.

What’s the Buzz: All about Mason bees which live alone and don’t sting.

Water, Water Everywhere: What is the water cycle and/or how to save the bay in 5 easy steps

Who Goes There?: How to identify animal tracks, scat, skulls, and fur.

Light Pollution: Why animals need darkness and how humans can help.